Advanced Electronic Take up& Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Advanced Electronic Take Up&Let Off TDA910 Air Jet Loom Machine TONGDA TDA-910 air jet loom has enhanced frame and beam rigidity, and our air jet loom has good stability, beating-up mechanism with further optimization, structure is more reasonable, can use four or six Linkage Beating-up connecting rod. The six conn

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Advanced Electronic Take Up&Let Off TDA910 Air Jet Loom Machine


TONGDA TDA-910 air jet loom has enhanced frame and beam rigidity, and our air jet loom has good stability, beating-up mechanism with further optimization, structure is more reasonable, can use four or six Linkage Beating-up connecting rod. The six connecting rod beating-up can prolong the time for opening of warp, weft, more suitable for wide loom weaving fabric ranging from denim, woolens, glass fibers, tire fabrics, air bag fabrics etc, broaden the scope of weaving width. The opening mechanism of this type of crank optional: opening, cam, electronic dobby, jacquard, with electronic let-off, electronic take-up, variable density of weft knitting; warp stop, double weft electronic length measuring, electronic weft storage, selvage yarn breaking detection, edge detection by catching weft yarn electronic control, make the operation more humane.
Its structure is reasonable : the further optimization of beam structure, change the warp tension sensing more sensitive. After the tension roller bracket installed in the outer side of the frame, which is convenient for installation and repair.
The series of looms due to its high rigid frame structure, suitable for weaving high density, high fine fabric, and a let-off, take- up and each detection unit, are used in electronic control, can effectively reduce the stop block, the mechanical stop, warp, weft weaving defects such as short rates, improve the quality of production.

Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Main Technical Data:

Rateup to 1100 m/min, also depending on fabric types
Reed space150, 170, 190, 230, 280, 340cm
Yarn RangeShort fiber 7 to 60 tex ( 80 to 10 Ne,  need additional device if below 10Ne)
Long fiber 5 to 44 tex (40 to 400 den)
The main transmission AC starting torque motor direct starting, slow forward and reverse running
Beating-upbilateral four connecting rod, the six connecting rod beating up
Weft stopdouble weft detection
Sheddingcrank, cam, electronic dobby, jacquard
Take upelectronical
Let-offelectronic let-off
Weft supplysingle, two, four-eight color mixed free weft
Stops6 lines of electronic stopping device
Selvedgeleno (rough and plain)
Electronic controlusing programmable computer controller as the core
Lubricationthe big gear, let-off, take- up gear box with the oil bath type lubrication,
the other by forced centralized oil supply mode

Detailed Specification:
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Integrated side frames innovatively designed, with high rigidity cross rails and mid- supporters to form ultra high strength frameworks, thus make looms keep low vibrations while its high speed running. Has applied for national patent for the integral type side frames.
Adopt double braking disc electromagnetic device to realize loom' s precision positioning, thus to efficiently prevent stop marks and improve fabric quality. Now applying for national patent for this device.
Equipped with external loose warp mechanism, which make operation more simple and convenient; eccentric device with graduation marks can make loose warp amount adjusted freely among 0-6mm to meet the requirements of more fabrics. Has applied for national patent for this mechanism
Equipped with new type energy-saving weft insertion system, which can shorten air path, increase jet sensitivity and reduce air consumption. Has applied for national patent for this mechanism.
The user can select the sub nozzle electromagnetic valve to control the sub nozzle by adopting one to one form, which can help reduce the injection time of sub nozzle, thus to further save air consumption.
Adopt adjustable support plate, whose length can be adjusted according to the fabric reed width, and the support plate need not be cut off, thus to greatly shorten the time of change; this support plate can be extended to the reed groove, with its distance to the cloth fell no more difference comparing with the bracing, and also can play a supporting role, suitable for the vast majority of fabric weaving. This mechanism is the user's optional configuration (now applying for national patent).
While ensuring the shedding amount, make the position of heald frames as close to the cloth fell as possible, so as to have the shedding clearer, In order to improve the stability of the loom when its high- speed operation, we optimize the design of warp position line, and shorten the beating up stroke. Through the above optimization design, the power consumption can be saved more.
The 6-link rod beating- -up mechanism based on computer aided optimum design can increase the dwell time of slay at the back to realize stable weft insertion while high- speed operation, suitable to high- -speed or wide loom. Optimally- designed 4. link rod beating- up mechanism is of short stroke and small vibration, and can effect strong beating-up while high-speed operation, suitable to high-speed narrow loom.
Adopt servo motor driving technology to accurately measure and keep warp tension, and reduce the fluctuation of warp tension; adjust the tension automatically while loom starting to eliminate the tension change in the course of stopping to avoid stop marks and ensure fabric quality.
Adopt servo motor to ensure complete synchronization of the take- up and looms, control the pick density of fabric through computer control. the pick density of fabric can be set freely on the touchscreen instead of changing gears. additionally, through linkage operation with electronic let-off, the adjustment can be effected more easily.
The automatic central oil supply lubricating system can set the running time and stopping time of oil pump automatically, and it' s equipped with alarm device to ensure the normal running of lubricating system. This system reduced labor intensity and can efficiently increase the service life of spare parts.
Large -screen color LCD touch screen and human interface are fixed to display some information such as running status, fault analysis, technological parameters, etc. On the screen, convenient for operation; the USB communication interface is fixed to input various setting parameters into other looms. weaving guidance system can monitor the working status of looms at any time and be used to set the optimum technological parameters according to loom conditions and fabric technology, further improving the stop mark preventing function of looms and increasing the quality of fabrics.
Looms and the factory interior are connected by Ethernet to realize two- way communication between looms for convenient to transmit technological parameters. At the same time, the communication between looms and computers can be realized for convenient to collect the data and visit the looms through Internet to achieve remote control and diagnosis, which will be base for digitalized and network factory.
Electronic & pneumatic tucked-in device, which can directly tuck weft ends into selvedges to achieve clean ones. For electromagnetic air flow is adopted to realize weft end tucked-in, high-speed weaving can be achieved. the tucked-in device is fixed not only for left and right edge of single width fabrics, but also for double width or multi width clean selvedge fabrics.
To meet the requirements of sizing and warping of some weaving factories, we developed left & right double beam mechanism for weaving width fabrics and double open width fabrics. The driving mechanism for left & right selvedge and left & right cutter can be adjusted symmetrically according to different reed space, and the driving devices on both sides are of electronic let-off control, thus the warp tension on left and right beams can be guaranteed even and consistent to improve fabric quality.
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Other Related Model:
TypeTDM-710 Air-jet Loom for Medical Gauze TDA-810 Air Jet Loom
Nominal Reed Width 170cm-280cm150cm-340cm
Weft selection1 or 2 nozzles1,2,4,6,8 nozles
SheddingCrank SheddingCrank/Cam/Doby/Jacquard Shedding
Air SupplyCentral Air SupplyIndependent Air Supply
Let-off mechanical let-off mechanism  electronic let-off mechanism 
Take-upmechanical take-up device  electronic take-up device

Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Packing and Shipping:
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

(1) Q: How's the after-sale service?
   A: We offer engineers available to service overseas under merchandiser's supervision and translation.

(2) Q: Are you available for on-the-spot invitation? 
   A: We do welcome our new and old friends come here to have a visitation. Besides, we would send you our exposition and relative information to promote a face-to-face meeting if you'd like to.
(3) Q: Is the price offered changeable?
   A: We offer reasonable price for every client, and the price is changeable according to purchasing amount.
(4) Q: How about the quality?
   A: The main subassembly and raw materials are all supplied by large companies. Key parts are research and developed by our own staff. Professional assembly line work and strict quality test system can ensure your high quality requirement.
(5) Q: Are you a manufacturer or Trade Company?

   A: We are a professional manufacturer holding our own International Trade Department, for that we can better understand customer's needs and offer a reasonable price.

Why Choose Our Company?
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine
A: History: TONGDA Textile Machinery Group was establish in 1952. Now have more than 65 years old history.
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine
B: Main Products: TONGDA Group specializes in design, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of Textile machinery, it has seven branch companies, mainly produces ring spinning frame, roving frame, weaving machine(water Jet loom/Air jet loom/rapier Loom),warping machine, quilting machine and nonwoven machine.
C: We provide design for complete line of spinning mill for cotton yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn, flax/linen yarn, machines including blow room, carding machine, draw frame, roving frame, ring frame, winding machine, open end spinning machine and the air conditioning system and waste collection system for spinning mill.
We also provide workshop layout design and trench design, and air pipe layout design. 
D: Product /Quality Guarantee: 1 year warranty for the International standard.
E: After Sale Serivice: We are work online 24 hours. If you have any questions about our machine you can contact us.
F: One-stop Service:
We have R&D department including more than 100 engineers which are improving and enlarging our supply range.

Export Memorabilia:
TONGDA 1988: TONGDA's 500 sets ring spinning machines was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 1993: TONGDA's 385 sets spinning machines was exported to Pakistan.
TONGDA 1995: TONGDA's 229 sets spinning machines was exported to Bangladesh.
TONGDA 2002: Delivery 300 sets spinning machines to India.
TONGDA 2009: TONGDA's 100 sets water jet loom and air jet loom was exported to India.
TONGDA 2010: TONGDA once again exported 300 sets water jet loom and air jet loom to India.
TONGDA 2011: TONGDA exported needle punching nonwoven machine production line to south America and exported more than 500 sets water jet loom, air jet loom, rapier loom to overseas.
TONGDA 2012: TONGDA exported 200 sets spinning machine and 100 sets rapier loom to Tajikistan And once again exported 200 sets ring spinning machines to India.
TONGDA 2013: TONGDA exported 500 sets weaving machines to overseas and 50 sets nonwoven machines, 680 sets spinning machines to overseas including South Asia and Africa.
TONGDA 2015: TONGDA sold more than 1000 sets weaving machines, 100 sets nonwoven machines and 700 sets spinning machines to overseas including Europe, south America, and South-East Asia.

TONGDA is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 company. The products are designed to meet the technical standards of 3C and CE. All the products are certified by the Industry Administration Authority. TONGDA will continue to strive to be a stronger leader in the global market of Cotton machinery and Spinning machinery.
Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

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Advanced Electronic Take up&Let Offtda910 Air Jet Loom Machine

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