The Best Craft Kits for Adults to Unwind and Get Creative | Shape

2021-12-27 23:02:14 By : Ms. Lily Zhao

After an overwhelming day at work or school, you might plop yourself down in front of the TV and watch The Great British Bake Off until your mind goes numb. The activity may help you chill out and forget about your upcoming deadlines, but taking a break from the screen and using your time getting creative — like by completing a craft kit for adults — could do your mental health some good.

In fact, research suggests art-based activities enhance well-being and quality of life. And in a small 2016 study, participants had significantly lower levels of cortisol — known as the body's stress hormone — after making art for 45 minutes, and they reported the crafting session to be relaxing and enjoyable and said it allowed them to learn something new about themselves. 

Convinced to press pause on your show and embrace your inner DIYer? This self-care Sunday (or, really, any day), break out one of these craft kids for adults and feel your stress melt away. 

If you're one of the few people who didn't pick up embroidery during the pandemic, take this as your sign to hop on the bandwagon. This craft kit for adults includes supplies for three separate embroidery projects, including the hoops, stamped fabric cloths, instructions, needles, and thread needed for each one. Once you've cross-stitched the wildflower or planter designs, show off your handiwork by placing the entire project on a small stand, hanging the hoop on your wall, or framing the cloth. 

Despite what your IG feed might make you believe, not everyone has a green thumb. Instead of forcing yourself to fit into that #plantmom mold, skip the real-life greenery — and the death that will inevitably come — and opt for fabric (re: immortal) plants. The craft kit for adults includes enough supplies to make 18 felt succulent plants, including pre-cut fabric pieces that act as the leaves, rubber bands to hold them all together, and chalk to add a bit of shading and detail. The set also comes with a paper box to place your baby plants in; glue them to the base, hang the entire thing on the wall, and you've got yourself a gorgeous piece of artwork. (Wait, do air purifying plants actually work?)

Who said tie-dying is just for sixth grade birthday parties? This set includes all the essentials to creating a trippy garment, including two pairs of gloves, five squirt bottles, five colors of dye, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and an instruction guide. Color the two accompanying cotton bandanas for a straight-outta-the-'70s accessory or dye your favorite tote bag or t-shirt for a retro look. There are no wrong answers here. (Related: Jennifer Lopez's Tie-Dye Sweatsuit Is Sold Out Everywhere — But You Can Shop These Dupes)

Thanks to this craft kit for adults, you can keep your fragile plants up and away from your ravenous cat or rambunctious pup without ruining your home's aesthetic. The DIY macrame hanger set comes with macrame cords, four decorative beads, a wooden ring, and instructions on how to transform the supplies into a boho-style plant hanger. Time to put all the knot techniques you learned in Girl Scouts to good use. 

When the dreary winter weather puts a damper on your camping plans, bring a taste of the outdoors inside by completing a National Park-themed paint by numbers kit. Whether you choose Acadia, the Great Smoky Mountains, or Yellowstone National Park pattern, the craft kit for adults will come with a numbered and primed canvas, two paint brushes, numbered acrylic paints, and instructions to help you perfect your masterpiece. Pair your craft with a glass of wine, and you've got yourself an at-home paint and sip night. (Related: The Best National Parks to Visit for an Outdoor Adventure)

Looking for a craft that'll actually be useful — not just a piece of décor — once it's complete? Try a punch needle pillowcase kit. ICYDK, punch needle is a type of embroidery that involves pushing yarn into fabric rather than stitching it through the material, so it may be a better option if you don't have nimble fingers. The set includes pillowcase fabric that's been pre-printed with a simple floral design, enough yarn to finish the pattern, a zipper, and, of course, a punch needle. To complete the project, stuff the cover with a pillow insert (Buy It, $13, and fluff to your liking. (These yoga mat holders as just as cute as they are functional.)

Face it, plain wooden cheese boards are so last season. Make your cheddar cubes and prosciutto slices stand out at your dinner party by arranging them on this DIY mosaic charcuterie board. The craft kit for adults includes a wooden board backing, assorted mosaic tiles, glue and grout, paint and a brush to decorate the edges of your board, and a sealant to make your creation food-safe. If you're not planning on hosting a get-together anytime soon, use it as your own personal snack tray while you binge-watch Netflix.

With this craft kit for adults, you can make your home feel extra cozy without dropping a ton of cash on tapestry. The loom kit includes pure merino wool yarn, roving, a wooden weaving comb and needle, and, yes, a small loom. Once you've weaved your intricate pattern, mount it with the included bar and hang your blanket-like work on a wall for major hygge vibes. Fair warning: You'll probably feel like a colonial settler while you weave, but the end result is well worth it.

Whether you dream of one day becoming a professional sculptor or you simply love getting your hands dirty (literally), this craft kit for adults is the perfect fit for you. The pottery kit comes with two bags of clay — enough to make four to eight pieces — wooden tools, an instruction booklet, and ice breaker cards to spark deep conversations with your crafting pals. When your masterpiece is complete, let it air dry and paint it to your liking or have it glazed and fired at a local kiln to make it waterproof and shiny.