Hj 408 Type Water Jet Loom

HJ-410-280CM No.NAMEType and performance specifications 1Wall boardWe adopts HJ-410special heavy enhanced, according to TSUDAKOMADrawing,HT220-230 standard material, large CNC precision machining2Gear in the large boxAdoptingTaiWan(TTG)gear,ultra-quite,wear-resistant,low vibration and high precision3Bearing i

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No.NAMEType and performance specifications
1Wall boardWe adopts HJ-410special heavy enhanced, according to TSUDAKOMA
Drawing,HT220-230 standard material, large CNC precision machining
2Gear in the large boxAdoptingTaiWan(TTG)gear,ultra-quite,wear-resistant,low vibration and high precision
3Bearing in the large boxBearing in the large box is swedish SKF, Bearing out of the large box made in japan.
4Beating up shaftAdopt special treatment of solid beating up shaft, centralized oil lubrication in the support sleeve, add in weft counter weightbalancesystem(Haijiapatent:201220718493.9), optimization of beating up angle, the beating up more powerful and stable, cloth smooth.
5SlaySUS304 stainless steel reinforced and polishing processing slay at the top brand in China, achieve cloth smooth.
6StripeTianqi stripe, For 102 double stick, strengthening take-up.
7Plastic stocksNew type and high quality plastic stocks
8BeamA number of optimization design on the basis of TSUDAKOMA ZW-410, the beam before and after the five angle pipe, steel material supply, before and after the beam with thickened angle.Especially before the beam on Haijia, unique design, draws on the advantages of air jet loom beam, making solid beating up shaft is more stable.
9Electronic clip yarnElectronic clip yarn
10Suction pipe∮76mm,thickness 6mm,sus304 stainless steel.
11Cross beamHeavy and lengthen treatment
13PanelHJ-410 Special type
14Let-off and take-up deviceDomestic  electronic  let-off and take-up
15Temple bar,guideHJ-410 Special type ,3mm stainless steel
16TempleFive ring three rows of fine needle puncture (0.3mm) under the pressure of Temple (made fine denier fabric cloth smooth) South Korea Renhe or Jilong brand.
17Leno partsTaiwan production assembly (slide seat:Stainless steel, low noise ear wire assembly, running smoothly, long service life)..
18Press rollNew press fabric service,press roll 40#,equal tension take-up
19Main motorThe Haijia special power of 3.0KW red flag.Save electricity,start fast,low noise,little park,long life and other advantages(self-purchased Japan NACHI bearing)
20Electronic control systemXinliao NingBo Brand..(electronic control,electronic let-off and take up,feeder triad control ,with 7 inch electronic display)
21MeasuringAdopting double jet Electronic length measuring .Adopting double Electronic measuring
22Light detection weftLight detection weft, plus plug signal amplifier.
23Code Electronic  
24PlungerShutai ceramic plunge
25SpringJapan AWA spring
26Nozzle Korea MDH
27One way valve Japan AWA valve
28Oil sealMade in Taiwan
29Cutter partsTaiwan bearing,scissors,scissors spring,improve efficiency.
30Suction motorElectronic suction motor HB(0.5kw)
31Stabilized tankDouble filter,bucket type.
32Take heald level American DuPont material production, wear, long service life.
33heald frameHaijia designed high quality strengthend frame Customer can match by themselves.
34PaintingTSUDAKOMA yellow color, two times over the primer, topcoat, special paint production line, improve the anti rust effect.
35The whole machine of Stainless steel screwTaiwan dongming SUS304 stainless steel screw,not rust
36Stainless steel screwJin Yi brand in Taiwan
37Waterproof deviceThickened waterproof curtain, TSUDAKOMA style transparent waterproof cover plate.
38False twist spindlePull type
39Weft standDouble nozzle standard weft stand.
40Oil supply Centralized oil supply including beating up shaft and  shedding parts
41Swing degreenull
42CastingIdentify quality supplier, according to the standard drawings, guarantee the material and weight..

Hj 408 Type Water Jet LoomHj 408 Type Water Jet LoomHj 408 Type Water Jet Loom

Hj 408 Type Water Jet Loom

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